Potluck Energy

Based in New York and Boston, we are a benefit corporation that helps property owners manage, monitor and monetize their roof space  through a patent-pending roof monitoring system, and roof-mounted installations, such as solar, community gardens and events space.

Potluck Energy was born to open up roof space to solar energy and other applications by eliminating the barriers real estate owners face in hosting it. After years of research and work in this industry, we found that a common root is behind all three problems - the underlying infrastructure was built for a different system and architecture. Whether you look at how a roof is conceived and constructed, or at how the electric substations work, you notice fundamental barriers to the spread of solar energy. While the easiest way would be to redesign the grid system and to re-invent the roofing industry, the reality is that any change of this magnitude would take a prohibitive amount of time. We think that the solution is a new kind of distributed solar energy.

By doing so, we believe we will unlock the value hidden in roof and outdoor spaces. We turn a potential liability into an asset by taking care of the maintenance and by generating rent cash-flows from it. We employ advanced screening and sensors to monitor and prevent leaks, and we select the best possible application for each roof.

We turn the roof and outdoor space from a liability into an asset. Join us!

We are benefit corporation - we look out for our members, employees, shareholders and stakeholders.

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